The Harney County Health District 董事会 provide leadership and direction for the district. The Board was formed in 1990 when the community voted to separate the health district from the Harney County government.

The board is comprised of seven community-elected members. Board members are elected on a rotation basis for four-year staggered terms.

Board members work closely with the community and the district administration. Meetings are generally held the fourth Wednesday of each month in the board conference room on the lower level of hospital. The community is always invited and encouraged to attend the public portions of district meetings.

The Harney County Health District 董事会 meets the first Wednesday of every month 下午五点半.m. in the 10bet十博体育 Board Conference Room, 557 W. Washington in Burns, Oregon. The community is invited to attend the public portions of the meeting.


The Harney County Health District 董事会 is seeking an interested individual to serve on the health district board. The selected person will be appointed to fill the vacant board position and serve until the next general election. If they would like to continue serving on the board, they can file for candidacy during the general election.

资格, candidates must be a United States citizen and Harney County resident at the time of appointment.

If you are interested in serving on the board, please mail a letter of interest to 10bet十博体育, Attention Board Chair 布拉德Erbe, 557 W. 华盛顿圣.俄亥俄州伯恩斯市97720号.

Letters of interest will be accepted until Tuesday, Jan. 2024年9月30日,下午5点.m. Letters will be reviewed, and appointments will be made, in February 2024.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

董事会会议纪要 & 会议通知

You can find the unapproved minutes of the 12月. 6, 2023, Harney County Health District Board meeting here: 董事会会议纪要 — 12月. 6, 2023. 

These minutes will be reviewed for approval during the next meeting of the Harney County Health District 董事会, 计划是 周三,1月. 2024年3月,下午5:30.m. in the board conference room of the hospital.

The public portions of the meeting can be attended virtually or in person. If you would like to attend the meeting virtually, please email Kathy Huffman at to receive the videoconferencing information.

Occasionally, an executive session may be held during the board meeting per Oregon Revised Statutes. Executive sessions and applicable statutes will be included on the meeting agenda.

If you would like to address the board during the public comment period, please fill out a 评论卡片.

Shana Withee, Harney County Health District 董事会
Shana Withee, Board Treasurer

学期开始: 2015年7月1日
来到哈尼县: Shana has lived and worked in Harney County for more than 30 years. She and husband, Jim, have raised their four children here.
社区参与: Many 4-H Groups, Harney County Parks & Recreation Budget Board, Knitting Guild, Burns School District, Harney County Cattlewomen

卡拉博文, Board Secretary

学期开始: 2023年7月5日
来到哈尼县: Kara has lived in Harney County for 7 years.
社区参与: Previously practiced 物理 Therapy

莎朗·戴维斯, Harney County Health District 董事会

学期开始: 2015年8月26日
来到哈尼县: Sharon moved to Harney County in 1974 after marrying her husband, 乔, a lifetime resident of the area. They raised two children here, and have two grandchildren.
社区参与: 克雷恩学校预算委员会, Crane High School youth group, Harney Partners for Kids and Families, 伯恩斯学区. 3预算委员会, Kids Club of Harney County, Burns Hilanders Booster Club, 社区 Support Foundation of Harney County.


学期开始: 2023年7月5日
来到哈尼县: Deborah has lived in Harney County for 29 years.
社区参与: Previously on Crane Elementary Governing Board, Harney County Planning Commission


学期开始: 2023年7月5日